How and Why Mortgages Affect Your Personal Finances

Whenever your mortgage loan is approved in Singapore, you can always breathe a sigh of relief. However, move forward few weeks from now and you have another challenge to fulfill: loan repayment.

This is the situation affecting thousands of people in SG.

Outrageous mortgage interest rates can be damaging to your budget, and late payments will incur deeper penalties. In many ways, mortgage interest rates can make several dents on your financial allocation. Therefore, you have to prepare ahead of time.

You Need to Cut Corners

Back then, if you love picking new treats for your family, you may need to hold back now. Depending on your mortgage interest, your budget will take a considerable turn. In order to mitigate the damage of this situation, you need a financial reassessment. Which luxuries should you let go? Do you have unnecessary expenses that need to be trimmed? For the sake of your home and family’s wellbeing, a little financial adjustment must be done.

Mortgage Rates Can Soar

If you’ve applied for fixed mortgages, then a direct change in interest rate won’t affect you totally. However, the situation is different with adjustable rate mortgages. More often than not, people choose adjustable mortgages because there’s a chance of having low interest rates. This may be true, but the curve will always go upward. Eventually, the rates will go up, and this can cause tremendous strain in your budget—if you are unprepared. This is the reason why you need to think many times before getting a mortgage loan that can fit your household budget. Consult a mortgage expert to have the best possible decision.

You are Locked In

Every mortgage loan has a specific term or period; it can run for 15, 20, or even 30 years—depending on the bank or institution. The value of the home that you want should also be taken into consideration. It’s important to find a home that has moderate value but has great potential over the years.

Picking a high-value home is often not a good strategy if your financial situation is not that good. Scour the real estate market to find the best home. Always keep in mind that you’ll be locked in to a long-term contract.

Another angle that caused financial experts to roll their sleeves and re-examine their theories is the modified concept of renting. For many people, renting seems a good and economical choice. It all depends on your vision and future plans for your family.

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